270003 Cheese Technology

Responsible DepartmentDepartment of Food Science

Earliest Possible YearMSc. 2 year
DurationOne block
Credits7.5 (ECTS)
Level of CourseMSc
ExaminationFinal Examination

written examination

All aids allowed

Description of Examination: Exam consists of a final individual report with answers to specific questions

Weight: 100%

7-point scale, internal examiner
Requirement for Attending Exam1. Practicals must have been passed
2. Participation with an oral presentation and discussion of own and other student's results in workshops of the course, should have been made
Organisation of TeachingLectures and practicals
Block PlacementBlock 2
Week Structure: A
Language of InstructionEnglish
Optional PrerequisitesMilk processing
Course Content
The course deals with the following subjects:

Cheese technology: Cheese milk treatment, characterisation of cheese varieties and legislation, gross composition of cheese and its relation to cheese technology, process control, low-fat cheese, cheese from concentrated milk (UF and MF).

Cheese structure: Milk coagulation, syneresis and formation of cheese structure, cheese rheology, slicing, cutting and packaging.

Cheese ripening: Acidification and glycolysis, lipolysis and esterolysis, proteolysis, peptidolysis, amino acid release, amino acid catabloism and flavour formation, roles of starter, adjunct and non-starter bacteria, ripening enzymes, chemical methods to evaluate cheese proteolysis and flavour formation.
Teaching and learning Methods
The course involves lectures and laboratory practicals, workshops and oral presentations, literature studies and report writing. The student must obtain their own laboratory results and evaluate them in relation to theory given at lectures and found in literature, including critical use of electronic data bases and internet. Results from other students' practicals and literature studies on different cheese varieties will be merged during oral presentations and discussions in workshops. A final report must be made for examination.
Learning Outcome
The aim of the course is to give students a detailed knowledge of both theoretical and practical aspects of cheese production, characterisation, technology and biochemistry.

- Understand and apply cheese chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology, physics and technology in production of cheese.
- The basic differences of cheese groups and varieties

- Apply obtained knowledge to cheese production and development of processing of old and new cheese varieties
- Apply critical analysis of cheese quality and characteristics

- Ability to use and evaluate scientific information and knowledge concerning cheese, incl. all steps of production, ripening, cutting/slicing and packaging.
- Ability to comprehend the technology behind different cheese varieties and apply the biochemical principles of cheese ripening.
- Ability to discuss technological consequences for the cheese quality in relation to human intake.
Course Literature
Lecture notes, compendia and scientific papers
Course Coordinator
Ylva Margareta Ardö, ya@life.ku.dk, Department of Food Science/Dairy Technology, Phone: 353-33193
Study Board
Study Committee LSN
Work Load