LLEA10276 Brewing 1

Ansvarligt institutInstitut for Fødevarevidenskab

English TitleBrewing 1
Tidligst mulig placeringKandidat 1.år
VarighedEn blok
Pointværdi15 (ECTS)

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Beskrivelse af eksamen: 4 hour written exam covering all subjects taught

7-trinsskala, ekstern censur

25. januar 2012
Forudsætninger for indstilling til eksamenMin. 80 % participation in pilot brewing, lab. exercises, plant exercises has been accomplished
Rammer for UndervisningThe course is organized and taught in collaboration with The Scandinavian School of Brewing (SSB).
BlokplaceringBlock 2
Ugestruktur: Outside schedule
Teaching takes place on weekdays within ordinary work hours. However, up to ten days will include activities (including overnight stays) which will exceed ordinary work hours. The dates for these activities will be announced at the start of the course.

Obligatoriske forudsætningerThe course Beverage technology or a degree as Fødevareingeniør including a brewery internship approved by LIFE and SSB
Begrænset deltagerantalMax 40
The course gives a general overview of malting, wort production and fermentation, and covers the following topics in detail:
Raw materials in brewing
Malting technology
Wort Production / technology
Brewing Chemistry, wort
Brewing analysis
Pilot brewing
Brewing calculations
Wort Treatment
Beer Fermentation
Brewing chemistry, beer
Biological Control
Statistical Process Control

Lectures, where a general theoretical overview of the subject is presented. Theoretical exercises that elaborate and illustrate the theoretical knowledge by using e. g. specific real examples. Practical pilot brewing and laboratory experience with chemical and physical analytical methods that are used for wort - and beer production. Visits to breweries and brewery-related companies.
The course is an obligatory part of the specialization in Brewing Science & Technology as well as the Diploma Master Brewer syllabus. Students will acquire a theoretical knowledge and the skills of malting, brewing and fermentation in order, to get prepared for the Course Brewing 2.
The students will get the competences to assess malting, brewing and beer processing processes. The course is specially suited for students, who register for Brewing 2, and who wish to become Diploma Master Brewers.

Identify and describe the processes in a standard brewery with respect to physical and chemical changes of raw materials, beer processing and normal analytical work to manage the process control.

Apply concepts from chemistry, microbiology and food technology to describe the beer manufacturing process. Reading and using original scientific literature.
Calculate physical and chemical processes in the malting, brewing and beer processing.
Evaluate the physical and chemical changes happening in raw materials, brewing and beer production based on literature, on lectures and partly also own experimental data and scientific literature.
Reviews, text book chapters and original scientific literature.
Axel Grøndahl Kristiansen, agk@brewingschool.dk, Institut for Fødevarevidenskab, Tlf: 332-72433
Studienævn LSN
praktiske øvelser14
teoretiske øvelser16