LLEK10228 Thematic Course: Dairy Processes and Equipment

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English TitleThematic Course: Dairy Processes and Equipment
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Pointværdi15 (ECTS)

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Beskrivelse af eksamen: The exam constitutes of an individual project report (75% weighting), which describes choosen processes and equipment and documents pilot plant/laboratory work, and an individual short oral examination (25% weighting)

Vægtning: report (75%) oral examination (25%)

7-trinsskala, ekstern censur
Rammer for UndervisningThe first block of the course consists of lectures, cases and tutorials, excursions and practical work. The last block of the course contains mainly of project work in groups, mid-trem presentation of project work and final exam
BlokplaceringBlock 3
Ugestruktur: C

Block 4
Ugestruktur: C
Anbefalede forudsætningerLLEK10256 
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The course will deal with the principles and aim of common unit operations (e.g. drying, separation, homogenisation, concentration, membrane filtration, heat treatment), the flow and rheological properties of fluids and visco-elastic materials in processing, sensors in dairy processing, aspects of dairy process design and cleaning processes in the dairy industry.

The content concentrates on understanding the individual dairy process components and on dairy process equipment (hard ware) with respect to obtaining optimal processes and desired product characteristics.
Theoretical aspects are covered in lectures and tutorials on selected topics, many of which involve students reading and interpreting original literature. Practical aspects of the course take the form of demonstrations and a practical project where the students should identify and describe the principle(s) behind the processes and equipment needed in the production of a dairy product. The changes of the product that occur during the different stages of the processing should be documented by experiments and the students should choose appropriate experimental techniques for this purpose. Excursions to equipment manufactures are also included in the course.
Dairy Processes and Equipment is part of the specialisation in Dairy Technology, and contributes with competences within basic and applied sciences, knowledge about production and cleaning processes in the dairy industry, the flow and rheological properties of fluid and materials, the principles of the individual types of common unit operations as well as their combination into entire dairy processing lines to meet specific requirements.

- Identify and describe the principle(s) behind the processes and equipment needed in production of dairy products
- Know the effects of dairy processes and equipment on the molecular, physical and chemical properties of dairy products during the different stages of processing.
- Have profound knowledge about the theory of rheology.
- Posess comprehension of the flow and rheological properties of fluids and elastic materials based on knowledge from physics and chemistry.
- Posess comprehension about cleaning processes applied in the dairy industry

- Structure scintific report and handle the litterature in a correct manner.
- Analyze complex unit operations and processes in the dairy industry and apply the earlier obtained knowledge of physics and chemistry to them.
- Use theory to solve and explain practical problems as well as analyse data.
- Be able to choose and perform measurement methods to characterise physical properties of dairy products

- Work in a group to structure research work and report writing
- Collect relevant data in dairy processing lines for monitoring and identifying changes in chemical and physical properties of dairy fluids/gels during processing.
- Design processing line for common dairy products
A collection of reviews, book chapters, and original scientific litterature.
Jes Christian Knudsen, jes@life.ku.dk, Institut for Fødevarevidenskab/Mejeriteknologi, Tlf: 353-33250
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