LPhD013 CareerLab (generic course)

Responsible DepartmentLIFE Graduate School
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Course DatesThe course will run 3 times a year. You can find the dates in the course catalogue at the course website.
Course AbstractThis course comprises 4 days of intensive workshops on different aspects of your personal career after the life as PhD student. You will work on your personal career plan while getting practical training on writing grant and job applications. Through intensive exercises you will learn about yourself and prepare for the next job interview. Special attention will be paid to international PhD students, who can join a 1-day workshop on career-prospects for non-Danish citizens.
Course Home Pagehttp://www.life.ku.dk/English/Maalgruppe/Employees...
Course RegistrationRegistration and further information: CareerLab@LIFE.KU.DK
Deadline for RegistrationSe course catalogue.
Credits2 (ECTS)
Level of CoursePhD course
Organisation of TeachingFour days intensive course on campus and an assignment (personal career plan).
Language of InstructionEnglish
Restrictions20 (min. 10).
Course Content
The course focuses on:

. Self understanding.
. Career models and Jung's type index.
. Analyzing job advertisements.
. Creating and maintaining networks
. Mapping your competences.
. CV management.
. Writing job and grant applications.
. Training job interviews.
. Career choice.
. Career planning.

You will prepare for the course through some practical work (Career model test; Jung's type index; 2-min oral presentation; one relevant job advertisement; gross-CV; job application). You will work on your own Personal Career Plan (PCP) during the course. The PCP forms the course assignment.

The participants will obtain information on linked generic activities that may assist them in their future career, e.g. courses on writing press releases, writing post doc applications and language training courses.
Teaching and learning Methods
Before the course we will provide you with material to read and instruct you to do two personal tests at the internet. You will also need to prepare a 2-min oral presentation of yourself, find an attractive job advertisement and write your gross CV. You will also need to bring a job application of your own (old or recent). The course will alternate between lectures, discussions and exercises. You need to hand-in the PCP one week after the last day of the course.
Learning Outcome
This course is about understanding yourself and preparing you for the transition from the life as PhD student. When you leave this course you are clearer about what motivates you for your career. You will know what a good career is for you, what matters to you and what makes you attractive towards an employer.

Optional activities will be organized in relation to the course (e.g. Career workshop for international PhD students, writing press releases, post doc application workshops and language courses).
Course Literature
Course materials will be distributed to the participants.
Course Material
Course materials will be distributed to the participants.
Course Coordinator
Brian William Wilson Grout, bwg@life.ku.dk, Department of Agriculture and Ecology/Crop Science, Phone: 353-33407
Lars Holm Rasmussen, lhr@life.ku.dk, Study and Students Affairs, Phone: 353-32659
Other Lecturers
Karen V. Petersen, Henriette Lieblein, Lars H. Rasmussen. Sofie Kobayashi (SCIENCE). Ditte Carlsen. Theresa L. Harboe and Mette Christiansen. Other speakers will be included.
Course Fee
See details in the course catalogue.
Course Costs
Type of Evaluation
Active participation and assessment of PCP.
Work Load
theoretical exercises14
project work14