LPhD017 Project Leadership (generic course)

Responsible DepartmentLIFE Graduate School   40 %
Department of Basic Science and Environment   30 %
Department of Plant Biology and Biotechnology   5 %
Leif Kjærgaard. Private consultant. IMPLEMENT AS.   15 %
Mark Harvey Simpson. Private consultant. Global Denmark AS.   5 %
Søren Barlebo Rasmussen. Private consultant.   5 %

Course DatesDates (2 courses in 2012, date of lectures): 27 February-2 March; 29 October-2 November. Participants are required to prepare for 1½ day in advance of the course plus take part in seminar 2 weeks after the lecture part ends.
Course AbstractBeing a PhD student requires project management, financial insight and leadership skills. This course will enable you to take ownership of your project and place it in relationship to the university as a whole. The course will elaborate on the leadership topic; include lectures on leadership styles, practical project management plus university finance systems and governance structures.
Course Home Pagehttp://www.life.ku.dk/English/Maalgruppe/Employees...
Course RegistrationBy email to Lars Holm Rasmussen: project-management@life.ku.dk .
Deadline for Registration1 February and 1 October 2012.
Credits3.5 (ECTS)
Level of CoursePhD course
Organisation of TeachingFrederiksberg Campus.
Language of InstructionEnglish
Restrictions25 (min. 14).
Course Content
The participants are introduced to the basic project leadership skills. Focus is on the PhD students development as project leader and manager. Project Leadership includes practical exercises on day-to-day project management issues, feedback and instruction methods and includes individual/group work on the participants own projects. The participants will have to give an oral presentation on a leadership/management issue at a
seminar approx. 2 weeks after the course. The course includes the 2-day workshop Project Management for PhD students.

Tentative program (Spring edition of course):
20-24 FEB 2012: Preparation at home (reading and precourse assignment).
27 FEB: Introduction; Presentation of participants; What is leadership? Leadership styles; Leadership development plan.
28 FEB: Leadership competences; Getting the overview; Instructions and feedback models; UCPH finance systems; Making budgets.
29 FEB: The project work form; Setting the project objectives; Milestones planning; Activity planning and uncertainties.
01 MAR: Quality assurance of the project; Stakeholder analysis; Risk management; Project organization; Exercises.
02 MAR: What is project leadership; Leadership without authority to instruct; Group collaboration; Feedback models; Gender/culture aspects.
06 MAR: Why must a PhD student relate to academic leadership?
15 MAR: Course seminar.

The participants must expect to participate in group work prior to the course seminar.

Project Leadership includes the PhD course Project Management (generic course) - LPhD004 (2011/2012, 0 ECTS).
Teaching and learning Methods
Pre-course assignment: The participants will have to prepare an oral presentation of a leadership issue, which are to be presented at the course. Lectures and exercises: The participants will have lectures by a group of lecturers from UCPH and private consultants. The partipants will work in groups in different exercises. The approach is case-based learning. Seminar: The participants must present their own leadership/management assignments to the teachers and a group of opponents, which will give feedback.
Learning Outcome
The course gives the participants the practical foundation for planning and conducting smaller projects at UCPH.

After completing this course, the participant will have knowledge of:

. University governance/leadership structures.
. UCPH finance systems.
. Basic models for giving instructions and feedback.

The participants will be capable of:
. Making simple project budgets.
. Finding relevant information for budgeting.
. Making a full project plan for a small project, i.e. PhD project or similar.
. Handling milestones and deliverables in smaller projects.
. Handling stakeholders in relation to their own projects.
Course Material
The participants will receive a selection of selected papers on leadership issues prior to the course. During the course, hands-outs will be distributed together with a solid compendium on project management.
Course Coordinator
Lars Holm Rasmussen, lhr@life.ku.dk, Study and Students Affairs, Phone: 353-32659
Mogens Flensted-Jensen, mfj@life.ku.dk, Department of Basic Sciences and Environment, Phone: 353-32386
Other Lecturers
Anja Thoe Fuglsang, Ass. Prof., Dept. Plant Biology and Biotechnology. Ditte Carlsen. Sci. secr. MSc. Dept. Basic Sciences and Environment. Leif Kjærgaard. IMPLEMENT AS. Mark Harvey Simpson. Global Denmark AS. Søren Barlebo.
Course Fee
PhD students from the former Faculty of Life Sciences: Free. Other UCPH: Free or reduced price. PhD students from Open Market partners (incl. NOVA): DKK 5.250 plus VAT. Others: DKK 7.000 plus VAT.
Course Costs
Type of Evaluation
5-day course assignment after the course, to be presented orally at a seminar approx. 2 weeks after the course. The participants are evaluated pass/no-pass.
Work Load
theoretical exercises15
project work45