LPhD081 Management in Animal Production, Part I: Theory

Ansvarligt institutInstitut for Produktionsdyr og Heste

KursusdatoerBlock 1, Week Structure C
Kursus resuméThe objective of the course is to enable the student to participate in the development and/orevaluation of new tools for planning and control in animal production.
Kursus hjemmesidehttp://www.prodstyr.ihh.kvl.dk/vp/
KursustilmeldingTo sign up for the course, please send an e-mail to Anders Ringgaard Kristensen at ark@life.ku.dk. Please also remember to add the course to your PhD plan if relevant.
Deadline for tilmelding1st of August
Pointværdi9 (ECTS)
Rammer for UndervisningThe course is held at LIFE. Lectures and exercises are integrated with the Master course Advanced Quantitative Methods in Herd Management. However, the literature curriculum of the PhD course is extended and the topics are studied in larger detail.
The following topics will be covered:

- Identification and representation of utility functions involving multiple objectives
- Registration and filtering of data to be used in planning or control.
- Definition and evaluation of management strategies (i.e. operational and tactical planning)
- Evaluation of the utility value of tools for planning and control.

Within each topic, relevant methods are discussed. The following methods are covered by the course:

Methods for data filtering and production monitoring and analysis:
- Control charts and traditional time series analysis
- Dynamic linear models
- Bayesian networks

Methods for operational and tactical planning
- Decision graphs
- Dynamic programming
- Linear programming
- Monte Carlo simulation
Lectures, theoretical exercises, practical computer exercises and report writing. In connection with lectures, the students are expected to participate actively in mutual discussions.
After attending the course students should be able to participate in the development and evaluation of new tools for management and control taking biological variation and observation uncertainty into account.
Kristensen, A.R., E. Jørgensen and N. Toft. 2010. Herd Management Science I. Basic concepts. 2010 Edition, University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Life Sciences.

Kristensen, A.R., E. Jørgensen and N. Toft. 2010. Herd Management Science II. Advanced topics. 2010 Edition, University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Life Sciences

Kristensen, A.R. 2010. Herd Management Science. Exercises and supplementary reading. 2010 edition.
Original research articles are used intensively in addition to the above mentioned course books. Specialized computer programs are used in the course.
Anders Ringgaard Kristensen, ark@life.ku.dk, Institut for Produktionsdyr og Heste/Faggruppe: Produktion og sundhed, Tlf: 353-33091
Free of charge for Ph.D. students under the Open Market for Postgraduate Courses inDenmark and from NOVA-partners.
Oral exam. Prior to the exam a number of mandatory reports must be handed in.
teoretiske øvelser9
praktiske øvelser18