LPhD129 AGREC Summer School: Annual Course for young researchers in Agriculture and Ecology (generic course)

Responsible DepartmentDepartment of Agriculture and Ecology

Research SchoolAgriculture and Ecology (AGREC)
Course Dates28-29 September 2011
Course AbstractOne of the key activities of AGREC is an annual research conference, where all PhD students are invited to present their projects and the most exciting results of their work. Presentations can be oral or as posters and they will release 2 ECTS points. The style of the presentations should aim at a non-specialist scientific audience, emphasizing the general aspects of on-going research. This would also help increasing networking with other PhD students and senior researchers.
Course Home Pagehttp://www.agreco.life.ku.dk/English/AGREC.aspx
Course RegistrationTo sign up for the course, please send an e-mail to Lene Mariager at the AGREC secretariat agrec@life.ku.dk. Please also remember to add the course to your PhD plan.
Deadline for Registration30 June 2011
Credits2 (ECTS)
Level of CoursePhD course
Organisation of TeachingThe venue is the beautifully situated LO-skolen Conference Centre Konventum, Gl. Hellebækvej 70, 3000 Helsingør.
Language of InstructionEnglish
RestrictionsAll PhD students and their supervisors at AGRECO (Department of Agriculture and Ecology) are expected to participate. There will be a minor student contribute on the costs.
Course Content
2 day course with presentations by PhD fellows, either as poster or oral presentation.

The conference will offer a space for you as PhD students from different subject areas at the Department to meet and share ideas, practice presenting in a supportive academic environment, and publicise your research to new audiences.

Guided tour looking at posters. Presenters will have 5 minutes to present their poster in front of a group of participants.

Each presentation will get feedback from 2-3 senior staff members. The assessments will form the basis for deciding prizes.

Reflective note: Participants should submit a reflective note summarizing their learning outcomes from the course.

Programme available at http://www.agreco.life.ku.dk/English/AGREC.aspx
Teaching and learning Methods
Oral - and poster presentations, keynote speak
Learning Outcome
The Research School in Agriculture and Ecology (AGREC) aims at improving PhD education, stimulating new research and increasing interactions within the Department of Agriculture and Ecology including contacts to external partners.

There will be ample opportunities for discussions and feed-back on research issues, and the PhD students should understand the conference as a good opportunity for training their presentation skills and marketing scientific results.
Course Coordinator
Søren Husted, shu@life.ku.dk, Department of Agriculture and Ecology/Plant and Soil Science, Phone: 353-33498
Brian William Wilson Grout, bwg@life.ku.dk, Department of Agriculture and Ecology/Crop Science, Phone: 353-33407
Jørgen Eilenberg, jei@life.ku.dk, Department of Agriculture and Ecology/Section of Zoology, Phone: 353-32692
Hans Thordal-Christensen, htc@life.ku.dk, Department of Agriculture and Ecology/Plant and Soil Science, Phone: 353-33443
Other Lecturers
Two invited speakers
Type of Evaluation
Poster or oral presentations Active participation Submission of reflective notes
Work Load


Other Remarks
More information please contact Lene Mariager Dept. of Agriculture and Ecology, Thorvaldsensvej 40, 3. sal, B317, 1871 Frederiksberg C, agrec@life.ku.dk